Thursday, 10 October 2013

Eyeball slime

This recipe is super-simple and you could definitely delegate to your kids, if you over-see opening the tin and the hot water bit of the jelly.
I'm rather proud of the lychee/eyeball situation, as I thought it up myself. Then I looked it up online and obviously discovered I was not the first! However I can say with some authority that tinned lychees work much better than fresh ones - they are also easier to convert into eyeballs, and are cheaper - hurray! So get your kids to wash their hands - eyeball removal should be germ-free, and set them free with the jelly. For the full gory details and some great sound effects go here for our YouTube video of it. xx
Serves: 5
1 x 135g packet of strawberry jelly
1 x 425g tin of lychees
10 washed blackberries
Make the jelly according to the instructions on the packet. Find five small pudding bowls or glasses. Pop a blueberry into the hole of the tinned lychee. There! You've got your first eyeball. Repeat nine times. Put two "eyeballs" into each glass. Pour dissolved jelly over the eyeballs until they are covered. Put in the fridge until they set.


  1. Love the eyeballs! Think they'll have to make an appearance on Halloween!

  2. I have really messed up - booked theatre tickets as half term treat on 31st devastated they are going to miss Trick or Treating! Will make these for the Friday night instead...

  3. That really is a DISASTER! Lychees should go someway to improve the situation!


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