Thursday, 24 October 2013

Eyeball pasta

Another week, another eyeball recipe. I'm obviously getting something out of my system.
 Now, before you call Social Services, that isn't a real eyeball in amongst some blood and worms. Nope. Difficult to believe I know, it's actually a small ball of mozzarella (mozzarella pearls in the language of the Sainsbury Essentials range) with a slither of black and green olive nestling in some pasta and tomato sauce.
I know. Magnificent. I'm a genius. Kind of. It isn't all my own work. I got the idea from another mother at school, but didn't know how to transform boconccini into eyeballs. A quick look on Pinterest gave me a variety of answers, but this one was definitely the best. Thank you Evil Mad Scientist.
For all the details of how I transformed some random supermarket ingredients into such a scary supper, take a look at our new video on YouTube. Go on! It'll be a blast. If you just want to know what ingredients were used and how - missing out on the tricky technicalities of eyeball prepping, take a look below.
Serves: 2 adults
200g spaghetti
1 x 400ml tin of tomatoes
1 clove of garlic
1 tsp sugar
1 pinch of salt
Small packet of mozarella pearls
Handful of black and green olives
Put tomatoes, garlic, sugar and salt in a saucepan. Bring to simmer and let simmer for about 20 minutes. Cook spaghetti.
Slice outer part of green olive. Use straw to cut the circle in the middle out. Use same straw to cut small circle out of black olive. Insert that circle into the hole in the green olive. Simpler than it sounds, promise. Watch the video and you'll see.
Take tomatoes off heat. Stir in to drained spaghetti. Throw in a few olives and boconccini. Serve with eyeball placed MAGNIFICENTLY on the top.


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