Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Happy Easter!

I know I should sit here calmly, waiting for someone to make a nice comment. But I can't.
LOOK! Look what I made! Don't they look great? I am so proud I've been showing pictures of them to other mums at the school-gate on my camera phone. Not very cool I know, but a key part of my personality is that I find it impossible to be laissez faire about anything.
The bunnies are made by Malteasers (cunningly called MaltEasters) and although they look cute, they are anything but. They nearly started a riot at the school cake sale on Friday.  Ok, a slight exaggeration, but they did cause tears in the children who missed out. Yes! A result, I think you'll agree.
The reason some children missed out on the Malteaster rabbits and just got a normal malteaser decorating their cake was because I only bought one pack of bunnies, for £1.39, which I soon discovered only had five, yes FIVE rabbits in it. I may like making small children cry, but not enough to invest more than £1.50 in it.
The cakes were delicious. A light, soft, chocolate sponge from Recipes from a Normal Mum. The icing was cream cheese and a bit of icing sugar with a few cherries left over from this stirred in.
I started off all fancy pants with my piping bag at the ready, but the cherries kept blocking it. So I resorted to a teaspoon, knowing that these Malteaster bunnies would rescue anything.
I was right.
It's impossible to make a duff cake if you stick some of these on top. I got mine from the local Costcutter, so I'm sure they're on sale in most places. I'm going to make them again for an Easter bunny hunt we're going to have in the back garden on Good Friday, but I've just worked out I'll need a fiver's worth of bunnies. Yikes. Although that's pretty pricey it's not going to make me resort to desperate measures, unlike this bloke in Liverpool, filmed stealing 128 of the things.
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  1. Oh my lord they are amazing!! Am so making these (and showing off to friends, obviously!)

  2. They're super cute! I think I might cry cos I didn't get one!!

  3. Oh wow ! I neeed them *screams and throes self on the floor*

  4. I love these little cakes. Bunnies made by Maltesers I have resisted until now......but you have just convinced me to add to my already bumper collection of chocs! Will get children to sort out the cupcakes and see how we go!!

  5. I want one. Or failing that just a large vat of Malteasers to eat in the car when my sons are asleep. Happy Easter ladies and thanks for the link. xx

  6. I'd forgotten how delicious maltesers are. didn't indulge in a rabbit because there were only 5 of them and even I'm not that mean...

  7. I've just shared this on facebook, so brilliant is it...off to get me some asap x

  8. I've just bought three packs! Ta for Facebook!

  9. They do look great, but I can't stop thinking of the genius of malteaster! Almost beats my current favourite marketing idea of cadburys screme eggs!


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