Monday, 15 August 2011

Two week menu plan

At the risk of sounding smug, you see all these children smiling, with empty plates? These children have just eaten...wait for it...spinach! Yup, the green stuff. Surely a modicum of smugness is deserved?
They are kids from our street, and there are some fussy eaters in there, but they polished off the lot. Maybe the secret to our success was that the spinach was mixed up with a healthy amount of cream cheese, a grating of nutmeg and wrapped up in a pancake. I only used about one frozen lump of spinach in a pot of cream cheese, so it was enough for them to get a bit of the flavour (and hopefully some nutrients) but it didn't overwhelm their tastebuds.
I use the cream cheese/spinach combo all the time, on crumpets, in pittas or jacket pots, even stirred into pasta. Give it a go, they might like it. You definitely will.
Anyway, back to the two week menu plan...
This is the one from a couple of weeks back.
And here is the other one from before that.
You may have seen them both before. If so, they haven't changed! If not, they are two week-long menu plans for fast lunches and quick teas. We've kept the ingredients lists short and the recipes are really quick to make. Some ideas are just suggestions or reminders - jacket potatoes, pancakes, but others maybe recipes which are new to you. Hopefully they are helpful. Claire


  1. Sounds fab, I definitely want to try it. How did you prepare the spinach? Did you cook a cube of the frozen stuff in the microwave then mix it with the cream cheese?

  2. That's exactly how I did it. Sorry for lack of details!

  3. I love your menus, I really do. I love the idea of this spinach and cream cheese bizzo too, though would have to be smug gardener type and use the silverbeet standing proud in my warzone vege garden rather than pay vast amounts for the frozen stuff...


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